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From the statements which clarify the Aqeedah of King AbdulAziz Ala Saud

Bitesize Benefit Cards 1-14: From the statements which clarify the Aqeedah of King AbdulAziz Ala Saud Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. Download the article by either of the following methods; Windows – right click on filename link and choose save link/target as Mac – hold down mouse button on filename link […]

Seal the month of Ramadan with seeking forgiveness

اختموا شهر رمضان بالإستغفار Seal the month of Ramadan with seeking forgiveness Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya for Ibn Rajab -Rahimahullaah- said: ‘Seeking forgiveness is a seal for all righteous deeds. It seals the prayer, Hajj, Qayyam al-Layl the night prayer and it seals gatherings. Therefore, if it was a Remembrance of Allaah then […]

A Collection of Beneficial Statements 13-17

A Collection of Beneficial Statements 13-17 Be Careful of Belittling these People The great Imam Tawoos bin kaysaan said: ‘It is from the Sunnah to respect four types of people: The scholar The elderly The one in authority The father.’ [From: ‘Sharh as-Sunnah’ by Baghawi 13/43] The Consequences of leaving the Scholars From one of […]

Social Media Benefit Cards Pt3 of 3

The Sun-light of the Sunnah Ibn al-Qayyim –Rahimahullaah– said: ‏”إذا طلعت شمس السُنة في قلب العبد؛ قطعت من قلبه ضباب كل بدعة“ When the sun-light of the Sunnah rises in the heart of a slave of Allaah then the smog of all Bid’ah is dispersed from his heart.’ [Mudarij as-Salikeen 1/374] Beautification of this Ummah […]

A Good Life

A Good Life Translated by Umm Yahya Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen- Rahimuhullaah said: “A good life is not as some people perceive it to be, it is thought to be protection from trials, poverty, sickness and grief. No! On the contrary, what is intended by a good life is that a person possesses a […]