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How Pharaoh Tortured His Wife

How Pharaoh Tortured His Wife From Silsilah Ahadeeth Saheehah Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya From Abu Hurairah who said: أنَّ فِرعونَ أوْتَدَ لامرأتِهِ أربعةَ أوتادٍ في يديها ورجليها فكان إذا تَفَرَّقوا عنها أطلقتها الملائِكَةُ فقالتْ: رَبِّ ابْنِ لِي عِنْدَكَ بَيْتًا فِي الْجَنَّةِ وَنَجِّنِي مِنْ فِرْعَوْنَ وَعَمَلِهِ وَنَجِّنِي مِنَ الْقَوْمِ الظَّالِمِينَ فكشَفَ لها عَن بيْتها في الجنةِ ‘Firawn […]

Covering up the deficiencies of awoman who you want to propose to if she had repented

Covering up the deficiencies of awoman who you want to propose to if she had repented                        Translated                               By               Abbas Abu Yahya From Tariq bin Shihaab: ‘A man was asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage and she had previously committed a bad deed which he knew about. So, he came to Umar and mentioned it […]

Returning back to the Scholars

Returning back to the Scholars TranslatedbyAbbas Abu Yahya Shaykh Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wada’ee Rahimahullaah said: رجوع المسلمين إلى العلماء يعتبر أماناً لهم بإذن الله من الاختلافات ومن قهر الأعداء ومن الفتن “The Muslims returning back to the Scholars is regarded as security for them – by the permission of Allaah- from differences, from being subjugated […]

Supplicating to Allaah

Supplicating to Allaah TranslatedbyAbbas Abu Yahya Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah -Rahimahullaah- said: The Salaf of the Ummah are in agreement, that Dua is the greatest means for achieving  one’s requests and repelling fear. The people have learnt through experience, that whoever was not supplicating to Allaah then he would end up supplicating to Allaah’s […]

Prophetic Sunnah vs Bida

Prophetic Sunnah vs BidaTranslatedByAbbas Abu Yahya Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah -rahimahullaah- said:    ” كلما ضعف من يقوم بنور النبوة : قَوِيَت البدعة “‘Everytime a person weakens in establishing the Prophetic light (Noor), Bida becomes stronger.’ [Majmoo Al-Fatawa 3/104] قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله : ” كلما ضعف من يقوم بنور النبوة : […]