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March 2023

Day 7 Feeding Your Family

Day 7 Bite Size Ramadan 1444 AH -2023
Sincerity – ‘Spending on your family is better than spending in the path of Allaah

Day 4 – Sincerity of Action for Allaah’s Sake

Day 4 Bite Size Ramadan 1444 -2023
Sincerity – ‘May Allaah give happiness (bless him with Paradise) to the person who hears a hadeeth from me and memorizes it until he conveys it to someone else.


Day 3 – The Doors to the Heavens are Opened

Day 3 – Bite Size Ramadan 1444 -2023
Sincerity – ‘The statement ‘La illaha illa Allaah wahdahu la shareeka lahu’ is one for which the heavens and the earth were established.