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Characters and Souls are troops amassed accordingly

Characters and Souls are troops amassed accordingly  الطباع والأرواح جنود مجندة                                          Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Shaykh AbduRahmaan as-Saadi  -Rahimahullaah- said: Indeed a human is naturally disposed upon following his companions and those he sits with. […]

Observing Your wife’s Beautiful Manners

Observing Your wife’s Beautiful Manners Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya The noble scholar Ibn Sa’adi -Rahimahullaah- said ‘When a husband reflects over his wife’s beautiful manners and good qualities that he loves about her, and then compares these qualities to those reasons which causes him anger and irritation, perhaps there is some negativity he sees […]


Smile ‏ Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Jareer -Radhi Allaah anhu- said: “ما رآني ﷺ إلا تبسم في وجهي”‎. ‘The Messenger ﷺ did not see me except that he would be smiling at me.’ [Collected by Bukhari and Muslim] Al-Hafidh ad-Dhahabi commented: ‘This is from the manners of Islam. It is necessary for whoever frowns […]

Iblees Prevents People from Knowledge

Iblees prevents people from knowledge ‏ Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya The learned scholar Ibn al-Jawzi -Rahimahullaah- said: ” اعلم أن أول تلبيس إبليس على الناس صدهم عن العلم لأن العلم نور فإذا أطفأ مصابيحهم خبَّطهم في الظلام كيف شاء ” . ‘Know that the first deception of the Shaytaan of the people was to […]

The First Part of the Ummah

The First Part of the Ummah Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Malik -Rahimahullaah- said: ” لن يأتي آخرُ هذه الأمة بأهدَى ممَّــا كان عليه أوَّلـُهــا “. ‘The latter part of the Ummah will not come with what is more better in guidance than what the first of the Ummah was upon.’ [Al-I’tisaam 1/349] قال مالك […]