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No. 8 Appointing Lessons for Women

There is no problem of establishing a specific gathering for women in her house or a house of one of the women, that is better for women


No. 7 How can a woman be a Caller to Allaah?

‘The woman is a caller (Da’eeyah) exactly like a man if she has knowledge of the Sharia of Allaah, if she does not have knowledge, then it is not permissible for her to speak without knowledge


Praying Lazily

Praying Lazily TranslatedByAbbas Abu Yahya The great Companion Ibn Abbas RadhiAllaahu anhu said: ‘It is disliked that a person stands for his prayer lazily. Rather,… Read More »Praying Lazily


Matters from Eemaan

This is Day 6 of the Bitesize Ramadan in the year 1445 AH – 2024
The famous Hadeeth of Jibraeel -alayhi as-Salam- with a different wording.


Hastening Burials

Hastening Burials Translated by : Abbas Abu Yahya     From Abu Hurairah RadhiAllaahu anhu from the Prophet ﷺ who said: أَسْرِعُوا بِالْجِنَازَةِ، فَإِنْ تَكُ… Read More »Hastening Burials


At-Tasbeeh before Sleeping

A noble action done before sleeping as was the advice of the Prophet alayhi as-sallam