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October 2021


Prophetic Duas

Prophetic Duas This PDF is a compilation of the authentic Prophetic Duas with an explanation by the people of knowledge, which Allaah blessed to be… Read More »Prophetic Duas


Loving Knowledge & its People

Loving Knowledge & its People محبةُ العلمِ وأهلِه   Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya                🌟 Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawzeeyah as-Salafi -Rahimahullaah-  said:         فَمَنْ أَحَبَ العِلْمَ وأَهلَهُ…                  فَقَدْ… Read More »Loving Knowledge & its People


Adhering to Superstitions

Adhering to Superstitions Translated ByAbbas Abu Yahya Abul Wafa bin Aqeel al-Hanbali (d  531 A.H.) said:” لو تَمسَّك الناسُ بالشرعِيَّات تَمَسُّكَهُم بالخُرافَات لاستَقَامَت أمُورُهم ”… Read More »Adhering to Superstitions