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Day 16: The Khawarij and the Qur’aan

The Khawarij and the Qur’aan

الخوارج والقرآن

From Uqba bin Aamir from the Prophet ﷺ :

 سيخرُجُ أقوامٌ من أُمَّتِي يَشربُونَ القرآنَ كشُربِهِمْ اللَّبَنَ

‘There will appear groups from my Ummah who will drink the Qur’aan like the drinking of milk.’

[Collected by Tabraani and Albaani graded it as Hasan in Saheehal-Jama no. 3653]

In another wording:

“ سيخرج قوم من أمتي يشربون القرآن كشربهم الماء “ .

‘A group from my Ummah will appear who will drink the Qur’aan like they would drink water.’

[Collected by Faryabi & Albaani said its Isnaad is Hasan in Saheehah no. 1886]

( أي يسلقونه بألسنتهم من غير تدبر لمعانيه ولا تأمل في أحكامه بل يمر على ألسنتهم كما يمر اللبن المشروب عليها بسرعة . )

‘Its meaning is that they only pay lip service to the Qur’aan without reflecting upon its meanings or pondering about its rulings. Rather they let it pass on their tongues like hastily drinking milk.’

[Fayd al Qadeer 4/155]