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Why The Islamic University of Madinah was Established

Why The Islamic University of Madinah was Established

Abbas Abu Yahya

Shaykh Ali Abdurahman Al-Hudayfi the Imam of the Prophet’s Masjid said:

‘The Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) established the Jamiat-ul- Islameeyah (the Islamic University of Madinah
for Islamic Sharia issues,
and for matters which would enlighten the Islamic world so that the world could
know that methodology of the Kingdom and that its Manhaj is Salafi.

The University was also established to war against the prejudice claim and advertising with which they defame and insult, saying that the country of Saudia is a Wahhabi country…..

This Madhab was not labelled by the leaders of the family of Saud, because the Imams Muhammad Saud, Abdulaziz bin Muhammad and Abdullah bin Saud, the Imams of the family of Saud did not call themselves Wahhabis.

King AbdulAziz in his first meeting in Makkah with the scholars of the  Muslims, said: ‘We are upon the Madhab of the Salaf as-Salih in Aqeedah.’