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Why Learn Knowledge?

Why Learn Knowledge?



Abbas Abu Yahya

The scholar Ibn Qutayiba (d. 276 A.H.) -Rahimullaah- Describing why the Salaf used to seek knowledge, he said:

‘A student of knowledge in the past used to listen to learn, learn to do deeds, to understand the Deen of Allaah, so he could benefit himself and benefit others.

As for now it has become: he listens to gather knowledge, and he gathers knowledge so he can be mentioned amongst people, he memorizes so he can win an argument and he can be proud.’

 [Ikhtilaaf al-Alfaath p.18]

قال ابن قتيبة رحمه الله في وصف حالة صدر هذه الأمة وسلفها في طلب العلم إذ قال:

(كان طالب العلم فيما مضى يَسمع لِيعلم,ويَعلم ليعمل, ويتفقه في دين الله لينتفع وينفع, وقد صـار الآن: يسمع ليجمع, ويجمع لِيُذكر, ويحفظ ليغلب ويفخر)

اهـ / اختلاف اللفظ ص 18.