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Taking Injections during Ramadan and the Fasting Person having his Tooth Treated

Taking Injections during Ramadan and the Fasting Person having his Tooth Treated

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya


Muhammad Nasir- Deen Al-Albaani (d.1420A.H) -Rahimullaah- was asked:


A person asked a question: ‘If a fasting person is given an injection in the mouth due to treatment on his tooth does this break the fast. And especially if we are certain that nothing enters the throat?’

Shaykh Al-Albaani answered:

‘This does not break the fast; this is when the intent of the injection is that it is given at the place which is to be treated.

The problem really is from a practical point and not from the actual injection. The problem that is well known in this operation is that the dentist uses a device with a fine tube, which sprays water to clean the area that needs to be treated.

From here springs the problem of treating the molar tooth during fasting in Ramadan, and the problem is not from the injection itself, mainly because many a time the patient cannot prevent too much water from entering his mouth when he is having his molar tooth or his other teeth treated.


Therefore the ruling on this patient is like the ruling on a person who does not swim well and tries to swim while he is fasting in Ramadan and cannot prevent himself from being overcome by water, due to his little knowledge or inexperience with swimming. This person is not like the one who swims well and is not overcome by the water so his fast is not broken. As for the weak swimmer then his fast is broken because he pursued an activity, which he did not have, accurate knowledge of, and which he would be saved from if it were not for the water overcoming him. So likewise, the person who gets his molar tooth or any other tooth treated, it is not befitting that he does this treatment during the daytime in Ramadan rather, he should postpone it to night time.


Another questioner said:

‘It is possible O Shaykh that there are some modern devices that clean the tooth area without water, so this would benefit that person?’


‘You have understood the answer.’

Another person says:

‘Or using a vacuum to suck up the water?’

The Shaykh said:

‘What is important, may Allah bless you, is that the person getting his molar tooth or any other tooth treated should have repose that he is not overcome by the water, as for what means or device he can use, then your brother here has already mentioned a device, and now you have mentioned another device which is the vacuum/something that sucks. What is important is the guarantee that he is not overcome with water so that it enters into his throat’.

[Taken from tape no.439 at 50 minutes]


Shaykh also said in ‘Silsilah Da’eefah’ No. 1014:

‘It is possible for us to take a ruling due to the many questions put forward in our modern times and due to the big disagreement regarding this issue which is, what is the ruling of taking an injection in the muscle or in the vein.

The opinion that we view as being strongest is that taking an injection does not break the fast whatsoever, except if it was used for the means of giving nourishment to the patient, and this is the one type that does break the fast, and Allaah knows best.’


[Taken from: ‘an-Nawazil at Tibeeyah inda’ al-Albaani’ P.545]