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Day 06: What the heart acquires from the Qur’aan

What the heart acquires from the Qur’aan
ماذا يحصل القلب من القرآن

The Allaama Ibn Uthaymeen -Rahimahullaah- said :

‘Every time a person’s Eeman strengthens with the Qur’aan, then Allaah gives Yaqeen (certainty) due to the evidences of the Qur’aan which cannot be found in any other book.

This is why I encourage you and my self to have complete concern for the Qur’aan, reciting it, reflecting upon it and acting upon it.

Experience this for yourself, return to the Qur’aan in these matters and see what your heart acquires from Eemaan, delight of the heart, light of the heart and light on the face.’

[Sharh al-Kafi ash-Shafi 4/166]