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Being Steadfast according to the People of Sunnah

                    الثبات عند أهل السنة
Being Steadfast according to the People of Sunnah

Abbas Abu Yahya

Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah (d. 728 A.H.) -Rahimahullaah- said:

‘What distinguishes the people of Hadeeth from others is their being steadfast upon their foundations when trialed and having tribulations.

It is not known from even one of their scholars or from their general righteous people that he went back on a saying of his, or his Aqeedah, in fact they are the best of the people having patience with staying upon the truth, even if they are trialed with different trials or are placed under tribulation with different tribulations……

Therefore, being steadfast, and having stability for the people of Hadeeth and Sunnah is multiplied, and multiplied and multiplied in comparison to what is with the people of rhetoric and philosophy.’

[Majmoo al-Fatawa 4/51]

الثبات عند أهل السنة

✏قال شيخ الاسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله:
(ومما يميز أهل الحديث عن غيرهم ثباتهم على مبادئهم عند المحن والفتن، فما يعلم أحد من علمائهم ولا صالح عامتهم رجع قط عن قوله واعتقاده بل هم أعظم الناس صبراً على ذلك وإن امتحنوا بأنواع المحن وفتنوا بأنواع الفتن، …فالثبات والاستقرار في أهل الحديث والسنة أضعاف أضعاف أضعاف ما هو عند أهل الكلام والفلسفة).

مجموع الفتاوى (٥١/٤).