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Whoever missed out on Performing Hajj this year

Whoever missed out on Performing Hajj this year

Abbas Abu Yahya

Al-Fudayl ibn Ayaad -Rahimahullaah- said:

‘Whoever missed out standing in Arafat this year, then he should establish Allaah’s rights which a person knows.

Whoever was too weak and incapable of spending the night in Muzdalifah, then he should spend the night with the resolve and determination of being obedient to Allaah and with that he comes close and nearer to Allaah.

Whoever does not have the power and ability to stand and pray at the area of Khayf [in Mina], then he should stand for Allaah with fulfilling the right of hope and fear.

Whoever does not have the capability to slaughter his sacrificial animal at Mina, then he should slaughter his whims and desires here and reaches what he aims for.

Whoever cannot reach the House (the Ka’ba) because it is far from him, then he should have the intent of the Lord of the House, since He is closer to the One who calls and has hope in Him, than the jugular vein.’

[Lataif al-Ma’arif by Ibn Rajab p. 287]


 قال الفضيل إبن عياض رحمه الله:

 من فاته في هذا العام القيام بعرفة
فليقم لله بحقه الذي عرفه

 من عجز عن المبيت بمزدلفة
فليبت عزمه على طاعة الله وقد قربه وأزلفه

 من لم يمكنه القيام بأرجاء الخيف
فليقم لله بحق الرجاء والخوف

من لم يقدر على نحر هديه بمنا
فليذبح هواه هنا وقد بلغ المنا

 من لم يصل إلى البيت لأنه منه بعيد
فليقصد رب البيت فإنه أقرب إلى من دعاه ورجاه من حبل الوريد”

 لطائف المعارف لابن رجب| 287 |