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The Distinction of the Intellect

The Distinction of the Intellect



Abbas Abu Yahya

Abul Muthafar as-Samani ash-Shafiaee (d.489 A.H.) -Rahimullaah- said:

‘Know that the distinction and separation between us and the Mubtadia is the issue of the intellect (al-‘Aql).

Since they established their Deen upon the intellect and they made it such that following the Prophet and narrations follows on from the intellect and logic!!

As for the people of Sunnah, then they say, the foundation in the Deen is following the Prophet and the intellect follows on after that.

If the foundation of the Deen was based upon the intellect, the creation would not be in need of the revelation, the Prophets, and the meaning of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and therefore whosoever would say whatever he wanted.’

[Al-Inteesaar lias-haab al-Hadeeth p.82]

قال أبو المظفّر السّمعاني الشّافعيّ رحمه الله:

“واعلم: أنّ فصل ما بيننا وبين المبتدعة هو مسألة ​العقل​ ؛فإنهم أسّسوا دينهم على المعقول وجعلوا الاتباع والمأثور تبعًا للمعقول ! وأما أهل السُّنة؛ قالوا: ​الأصل في الدين الاتباع ،والمعقول تبع​ ، ولو كان أساس الدّين على العقول لاستغنى الخلق عن الوحي وعن الأنبياء ،ولبطل معنى الأمر والنهي، ولقال من شاء ما شاء”.

الانتصار لأصحاب الحديث ص٨٢