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The Distinction of Imam Bukhari

The Distinction of Imam Bukhari
Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

1 – Being with the Prophet

Al-Firabari said from his Shaykh al-Imam al-Bukhari -Rahimullaah:

‘One day al-Bukhari dictated many Hadeeth to me, and the scribe became worried, so al-Bukhari said:

‘Be delighted, because the people of amusements are busy in their fun & games, manufacturers are busy with manufacturing, business people are busy with their businesses, as for you then you are with the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam –and his Companions.’

[Collected in ‘Seera Aalaam’ 12/445]

2 – Sincerity in worldly Affairs

Bukhari’s son sent him some merchandise to sell and some businessmen requested to buy it for five thousand Dirhams, so Bukhari said:

‘Leave it tonight.’

The next day some other businessmen came and requested to buy it for ten thousand, so Bukhari said to them:

‘Indeed I had made the intention to sell it to those who came last night and I do not love to change my intention.’

[Collected in ‘Tareekh al-Baghdad’ 2/11]

3 – A Mother’s Dua’

Imam al-Bukhari’s mother used to worship and make Dua’ a lot. Allaah honoured her and her son remarkably.

Her son Muhammad [Bukhari] lost his eye sight when he was young and his mother saw Ibraheem al-Khaleel (the Prophet) in a dream and he said to her:

‘O you, indeed Allaah has returned the eyesight of your son due to your supplicating a lot.’ In the morning Allaah had returned his eyesight.’

[Collected in ‘Sharh Usool Itiqaad ahl ul Sunnah Laalka’aee 9/290]

4 – A Great Concern for Knowledge

Muhammad bin Yusuf –Rahimullaah– said :

‘I was with Bukhari in his home one night, and I counted that he got up, lit a lamp, researched some issues, wrote some comments on them during the night eighteen times!!’

[Collected in ‘ Tahdheeb al-Kamal’ 3/1170]

5 – Taking account of oneself

One day Imam Bukhari said to Abu Ma’shar ad-Dareer:

‘Absolve me O Abu Ma’shar.’

He asked Bukhari: ‘From what?’

Bukhari replied:

‘One day I narrated a Hadeeth, and I looked at you. You were amazed at the Hadeeth and nodding your head and shaking your hand, so I smiled due to that.’

Abu Ma’shar said: ‘You are absolved, Allaah have mercy on you O Abu Abdullaah.’

[Collected in Seera Aalaam 12/444]

6 – Death of a Scholar

Yahya bin Jafar al-Baykandi –Rahimullaah– said:

‘If I was capable of increasing the lifetime of Muhammad bin Isma’eel taking it from my lifetime I would do so, indeed my death is the death of one man, but his death is the disappearance of knowledge.’

[Collected in Tareekh al-Baghdad 2/12]

7 – Lawful Earnings

Bukhari’s father said at the time of his death:

‘I do not know of any Dirham of my wealth coming from Haraam means, or a Dirham from doubtful means.’

[Collected in ‘Tareekh al-Islaam’ 18/239]

May Allaah Ta’ala have Mercy on Bukhari & his Parents

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