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Part B – Takfeer in the Modern Times & its Sources

Takfeer in the Modern Times & its Sources

 From the Chapter

 The Beginning of the Formation of Making Takfeer without Evidence & its

Causes in the Ummah

Part B

 Taken from his book

‘at-Takfeer and its Principles’

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya

Indeed making Takfeer is widespread in modern times, it surpasses that of former times.

From the more prominent causes and reasons today, which were the cause of the spread of Takfeer between the Muslim communities, are some of the modern-day Dawa’ groups which were not raised upon the Sunnah.

This disease is so widespread that it has encompassed many of the people, who were not known for practicing Bida’. Rather these groups went astray due to innovations and misguidance, either due to the evil intent of the leaders of these groups or their ignorance of the Deen.

From the results of these Jamaa’at are many of those books that are entitled: Books of ideology.

These books corrupted the ‘Aqaid (beliefs) of many of the Muslims and deviated them from the straight path of the Deen. They view the current Muslim societies as though they were pre-Islaamic disbelieving societies who have thrown Islaam behind their backs and have embraced clear Kufr. No single individual from the Ummah has been saved from it, neither any ruler, nor those ruled, men, women, old people and the youth.

These books are the ones, which have had the severest effect on the current generation who were cultivated upon them. They have planted the seeds of general Takfeer of the current Islaamic societies into the minds of the Muslims, to the extent that this corrupt ‘Aqeedah has become deeply rooted with these people. Do not ask about what lies behind these ‘Atiqaad (beliefs) of Fitn(tribulations) and evil.

I am not about to list, nor expound upon examples of what is mentioned in these books of texts and statements of Takfeer from the modern-day Islaamic societies. Rather I will point to some examples and evidences of what is mentioned in the books of Sayyid Qutb -may Allaah have mercy on him- since he is the glorified Imam according to many of the Ikhwaan and those who have become affected with their methodology. Also, due to his books being widely disseminated and more effective than other than them-to the extent that he has definitely caused, with these books, some of those who ascribe themselves to the Sunnah to deviate. Most assuredly, the books of the Ikhwaan are full of statements of Takfeer of the Muslim rulers and the Islaamic societies of today.

From what has been mentioned of Sayyid Qutb’s Takfeer of all the modern-day Islaamic societies, is his saying in ‘Mu’alim fee Tareeq’ (Milestones):

‘The issue in reality is about kufr (disbelief) and Emaan (faith), the issue of Shirk and Tawheed, the issue of Jahileeyah (the ignorance of the pre-Islaamic times) and Islaam, this is something that is necessary to be clarified…….. without doubt the people are not Muslims – as they claim – they live a life of Jahileeyah (the ignorance of the pre-Islaamic times).

If there is someone amongst them who would like to deceive himself or deceive others, by believing that it is possible for Islaam to exist along with this Jahileeyah, then he can believe this. However, him being fooled or deceiving others, does not change anything of the reality of the current issue, this is not Islaam, nor are these people Muslims.’[1]

He also says in (Fee Zilaal al-Qur’aan) (In the Shade of the Qur’aan):

‘Indeed times have returned back just like in the form the day this Deen came with ‘La illah ill Allaah’.

The people have apostatised and gone to the worship of the slaves and to the tyranny of religions and turned away from ‘La illah ill Allaah.”

Then he continues:

‘Mankind generally, consists of those who constantly repeat on the minarets in the east of the earth and its west, that statement ‘La illah ill Allaah’ without any meaning or reality.’

He continues:

‘And these people are weightier in sin and more severely punishable on the Day of Judgement, because they apostatised to the worship of the slaves after the guidance had become clear to them and after having been within the fold of the Deen of Allaah.’[2]

He also said:

‘Indeed there is not a Muslim country on the face of the earth today, nor is there a Muslim community where the foundation of its dealing with each other is the Sharia’ of Allaah and the fiqh of Islaam.’[3]

There are many similar examples of such statements, which occur in the books of Sayyid Qutb, which are of these types of clear texts.

These statements do not hold any other possible interpretation except that of making Takfeer of the scholars and rulers of the Muslims and the rest of the individuals of the Islaamic Ummah. To the extent that those who call to the prayer at their places of prayer, according to Sayyid, are Kuffar and apostates, their sin is weightier and their punishment is more severe than other then them.

Some of the modern-day Takfeerieen have acquired their methodology from these books and their likes. Their ideology is based upon that of making Takfeer of the Islaamic communities and what results from this are assassinations, bombings and spilling the blood of the innocent in many of the countries of the Muslims and in other lands as well.

All Praise belongs to Allaah, may His peace and blessings be upon our final Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who follow his guidance.

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