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Seeking Treatment through Hunger

Seeking Treatment through Hunger

Abbas Abu Yahya

Shaykh Al-Albaani said:

‘Indeed I starved my self hungry towards the end of the year 1379 A.H. for forty days continously.

I did not take any food whatsoever during that time, nothing entered inside my throat except water! That was in search of a cure from some illnesses, so I was cured from some of them and not others, and before that I used to seek treatment from some doctors for about ten years without any apparent benefit.

I gained from this mentioned ‘starving out’ two tangible benefits:

The first: the possibility of a person to bear hunger for that long period, in contrast to what many of the people presume.

The other benefit: is that being hungry is beneficial in treatment of illnesses of obesity. As Ibn al-Qayyim -Rahimullaah- has said.

Perhaps seeking a cure through starving benefits other illnesses as well,  as has been experienced by many people.

However, it does not benefit in all illnesses due to  different types of bodies. Which is in contrast to what is benefitted from the book ‘Seeking treatment through Fasting’ by a European author.

But above all those endowed with knowledge is the All-knowing (Allaah).’

[Silsilah Ahadeeth ad-Da’eefah no. 252]