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Part 25 – Ahadeeth of Tawheed- From the Aspects of Shirk

The Ahadeeth of Tawheed

from the

Silsilah Ahadeeth As-Saheehah


Shaykh Al-Albaani

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya

Chapters of Tawheed and the Shahadtayn

25 – From the Aspects of Shirk

331- “Indeed Ruqya, amulets and Tiwalah (a form of magic) are Shirk.”

Ruqya – here it means, what is used to seek refuge with the Jinn, or something which is used but its meaning is not understood. Similar to how some of the non-Arab religious people write some words on their books like ‘Ya Kabeej’ to protect their books from woodworm, as they claim.

Amulets – these were originally taken from gems which the Arabs used to tie on the head of the new born baby to protect it from the evil eye. Then they extended this to all forms of seeking refuge.

I say: And from this practice is what some of the people do, when they attach a horseshoe to the door of the house, or at the front of their place!

Some drivers attach a shoe to the front of their car or to the back of it, or a blue gem on the car mirror, which will be in front of the driver from the inside of the car. They do all of this because of the evil eye, as they claim.

Do amulets include those types which some people attach upon their children or upon themselves, if it is from the Qur’aan or supplications which are established on the Prophet – sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam. Here the Salaf have two opinions, I hold that the stronger opinion is the impermissibility of such things, as I have illustrated in the notes to ‘al-K’Aleemat-Tayyib’ by Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah.

Tiwalah is a type of magic and things which a woman uses to cause her husband to love her. Ibn al-Atheer said: ‘It was classified as Shirk, due to their belief that it has the ability to affect the person and it opposes that which Allaah Ta’ala has destined.’