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Part 20 – Ahadeeth of Tawheed – Exiting from the Fire for those who Worshipped Allaah Alone

The Ahadeeth of Tawheed

from the

‘Silsilah Ahadeeth As-Saheehah’


Shaykh Al-Albaani

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya

Chapters of Tawheed and the Shahahdatayn

20 – Exiting from the Fire for those who Worshipped Allaah Alone

225 – When the believers will have finished from the fire on the Day of Judgment and become secure. Then one of you arguing for the truth, in the Duniya for his companion will not be more intense than the debating of the believers with their Lord, regarding their brothers whom had been entered into the fire.

He said: they will say: Our Lord! These are our brothers they used to pray along with us, and fast along with us, and perform the Hajj along with us, and you have entered them into the fire.

He said: that Allaah will say: “go and take out those whom you know.”

So they will come to them, and they will know them by their faces. The fire would not have eaten their faces. From amongst them there will be, he whom the fire has reached half way up his shins, and he whom the fire has reached to his ankles, and they will take them out.

The believers will say: “We took out those whom You have commanded to take out.”

Then Allaah will say: “Take out he who has the weight of a dirham of Emaan in his heart. Then the one who has the weight of half a dirham,’ until He says: He who has an atom’s weight in his heart.

Abu Sa’eed said: whoever does not believe this, then let him read this Ayaah : << Surely! Allaah wrongs not even of the weight of an atom, but if there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from him a great reward. >>

He said: The Believers will say: “O our Lord! Indeed we have taken out those whom You have commanded to take out.’ Then there will not remain anyone in the fire who has good in himself.”

He said: Then Allaah will say: the Angels have interceded, and the Prophets have interceded, and the believers have interceded and The Most Merciful of those who shows mercy remains.

He said : Then Allaah will grab a handful from the fire – or He said : two handfuls – of people who never did any good for Allaah at all, indeed they will be burnt so much that they will have become charcoal.

He said: they will be brought to water, which is said to be called the water of life. It will be poured on them they will sprout out like the seed sprouts after what is left over by the torrential floods, they will come out of their bodies like pearls, and they will have a stamp on their necks, saying: those freed by Allaah.

He said: it will be said to them: Enter into Paradise, whatever you wish for or anything you see then it is for you, and I have something with Me which is better than that.

He said: They will say: Our Lord! What can be better than this?

He said: Allaah will say: My being pleased with you, I will never be angry with you.”

1661- “Indeed Allaah Azza wa Jal will take out a people from the fire after nothing remains of them except for their faces and Allaah will enter them into Paradise.”

The hadeeth is in saheeh al-Bukhari (4/463-464) by a different narration on the authority of Abu Sa’eed in a narration ascribed to the Prophet sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam, and he mentions the whole of the hadeeth of the intercession; and in it, is stated:

“Allaah Ta’aala will say: Go to those whom you find in their hearts the equivalent to a dinar of Emaan and take them out of the fire, Allaah prohibits the fire from their faces…”

1450 – “Take out of the fire whoever has in his heart the equivalent of an atom worth of Emaan.”

1451- “Some people from the people of Tawheed will be punished in the fire, until they will be like charcoal, then mercy will reach them. They will be taken out and thrown at the doors of Paradise. He said: then the people of Paradise will sprinkle water upon them, they will sprout like seeds left over, sprouts after the torrential floods, then they will enter paradise.”