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Loving the Messenger

Loving the Messenger

-sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam –

Taken from

‘Silsilah Ahadeeth As-Saheehah’

By the
Muhaddith, Shaykh, Allamaa’
Muhammad Nasir uddeen al-Albaani

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya

No. 1095 – From Abu Rashid al-Hubraani who said: Abu Umama al-Bahili took me by the hand and said: the Messenger of Allaah -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – took me by my hand and said to me: ‘O Abu Umama! Indeed from the believers are those who soften (with love) their hearts towards me.’

[Collected by Ahmad]

Shaykh Albaani said:

And the meaning of ‘soften their hearts towards me’ is that they are gentle and incline towards me with love and affection and Allaah knows best.  And this cannot be achieved except with Ikhlaas (sincerity) and following the Messenger -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – more than any other human being, because Allaah Ta’ala singled that out as an evidence to prove that a person really loves Allaah –Azza wa Jal.

Allaah said: <<Say (O Muhammad): ‘If you (really) love Allaah then follow me, Allaah will love you and forgive you of your sins.>> [Aal’Imraan:31]

Is it not about time that those who claim to love the Messenger -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – in their speech and their an-Nasheed (songs), that they return to adhere to the true love which will lead to the love of Allaah Ta’ala, so that they will not be from those whom, the poet said:
تعصي الإله َ وأنتَ تـُظهرُ حـُـبـَّه ُ *** هذا لـَعـَمْرُكَ في القياس ِ بديع ُ
لو كانَ حـُبـُّكَ صادقا ً لأطعتـــَـــه ُ *** إنَّ المـُحـِبَّ لمنْ يُحـِبُّ مـُطيع ُ

You disobey your Lord and present your love *** I swear that this action is innovative

If your love was truthful you would have obeyed Him *** Indeed the one who loves is obedient to the one whom he loves