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Following the Companions

Narrations of the Salaf part 3

Following the Companions

Translated by

Abbas Abu Yahya

1 -From Hudhayfah bin al-Yamaan (d. 36 A.H.) –RadhiAllaahu anhu- who said:

‘Follow our paths, because verily if you follow us then indeed  you have truly advanced a lot.  And if you oppose us then indeed you have become extremely misguided.’

[From ‘al-Bida’ by Ibn Wadha/44]


2 -From Jafar bin ‘Amr (d. 207 A.H.) who said:

‘We were a group from the children of the Companions of the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam-, we said:  Verily our fathers have indeed preceded us with Hijrah and companionship of the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam-, so let us strive in worship in the hope that we will reach their excellence.  We came across Tameem ad-Daari (the Companion) as an old man, who could not stand nor sit due to the length of his prayer.’

[From ‘Zuhud’ by Ahmad /249]


3 – From Salih bin Kaysaan (d. 140 A.H.) who said:

‘I met up with Zuhri and we would seek knowledge( together), then we said: We should write the Sunnan,  we should write that which came from the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam-, then we should write that which came from his Companions as indeed it is the Sunnah. So I said:  It is not the Sunnah and we should not write it.

He continues:  So Zuhri wrote it, but I did not write it, so he was successful whereas I became lost.’

[From ‘Jamia Bayyan al-Ilm’ 2/1176]

4 – From Muhammad Ibn Sireen (d. 110 A.H.) who was asked about combining the Umrah into the Hajj, so he said:

‘Umar bin Khattab and Uthman bin ‘Affaan disliked it, and if it was knowledge then they are more knowledgeable than me, and if it was their opinion then their opinion is better.’

[From ‘Jamia Bayyan al-Ilm’ 1/773]

5- From Sa’eed bin al-Musayib (d. 93 A.H.)that he was asked about something so he who said:

‘The Companions of the Messenger of Allaah -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- differed regarding this and I can have no opinion to place along with theirs.’

[From ‘Jamia Bayyan al-Ilm’ 1/770]

6 – From Mujahid (d. around 105 A.H.)who said:

‘The Scholars are the Companions of Muhammad -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam.’

[From ‘Jamia Bayyan al-Ilm’ 1/770]


7 – From AbdurRahmaan bin ‘Amr al-Aawza’i (d.156 A.H.) who said:

‘Knowledge is that which came from the Companions of Muhammad -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam-, and that which did not come from even one of them, then it is not knowledge.’

[From ‘Jamia Bayyan al-Ilm’ 1/769]

8 – From Ibrahim an-Nakha’i (d. 96 A.H.) who said:

‘If it had reached me concerning them, i.e. the Companions, that they did not exceed in the Wudu more than a finger nail, then I would not exceed it.’

[ash-Sharh wal-Ibaanah /161]