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Listening to the Qur’aan

Listening to the Qur’aan TranslatedByAbbas Abu Yahya By The Allaama Shaykh  AbdulAziz bin Baz Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz said: ‘The one listening to the Quraan is a participant with the reader in  every letter which incurs a good deed, and every good deed is equivalent to ten the like of it.’ [Fatawa Noor ala […]

Reading Soorah Falaq

Reading Soorah Falaq TranslatedbyAbbas Abu Yahya From Uqbah bin Aamir the Messenger of Allaah said:يا عقبةَ بنَ عامرٍ ! إنَّكَ لن تقرأَ سورةً أحبَّ إلى اللهِ ، ولا أبلغَ عِندَهُ من أن تقرأَ قُلْ أَعُوذُ بِرَبِّ الْفَلَقِ ، فإنِ استطعْتَ أن لا تفوتَكَ في صلاةٍ فافعلْ‘O Uqbah bin Aamir, indeed you will never read a […]

Who are those on whom there shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve?

Who are those on whom there shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve? من هم الذين لا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون؟ Prepared By Abbas Abu Yahya @ followingthesunnah Utube channel There are eleven types of people 1 – Following Allaah’s Guidance Allaah Ta’ala says: ﴿فَمَن تَبِعَ هُدايَ فَلا خَوفٌ عَلَيهِم وَلا هُم يَحزَنونَ﴾ […]

From the Excellence of Soorah Al-Kahf

From the Excellence of Soorah Al-Kahf Translated & Compiled By Abbas Abu Yahya Contents Noor On The Day Of Judgement 1 Recommendation to recite Soorah Kahf 2 Noor Between Two Jummas. 2 Noor Between a Person and the Ka’ba. 5 Protection from Dajjal 7 The Stories in Soorah al-Kahf 10 First Long Story: The story […]

Ruqiyah of a house in which there is magic

Ruqiyah of a house in which there is magic By the noble Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabri Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya Question: How can Ruqiyyah be done of a house in which there is magic? The Shaykh answered: ‘Surah al-Baqarah should be read and what is easy for you from the Qur’aan in parts of the […]