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STATEMENTS ABOUT THE KHAWARIJ – NO. 4 The Khawarij Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya Allamma Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen  said: [Speaking about the Khawarij,] What have these people produced? Have the Non-Muslims turned to Islaam  or have they increased in their flight from it? The Answer: They have increased their flight from it, so much […]

How The Media Distorts Reality

How The Media Distorts Reality Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Shaykh Muqbil al-Wada’aee -Rahimahullaah- said, describing the media outlets: ( وسائل الإعلام تقلب الحقائق وتجعل الصالح شيطانا في نظر المجتمع ، والشيطان صالحا في نظر المجتمع ) . ‘The Media outlets distort reality: to the people, they make the righteous seem to be the  Shaytaan […]