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Abundance for 4 habits in Ramadan

Abundance for 4 habits in RamadanTranslatedByUmm Yahya Shaykh Uthaymeen -may Allaah have mercy on his soul- said:“Focus on asking Allaah in abundance for four habits in Ramadan, two which are pleasing to Allaah & two which are a necessity. As for the two which are pleasing to your Lord: ▪︎The first is the Shahada, La […]

How to Conquer a Whole City

How to Conquer a Whole City ‏                        Translated                               By               Abbas Abu Yahya Ibn al-Qayyim said:” مخالفة الهوى تورث العبد قوة في بدنه وقلبه ولسانه ، وقال بعض السلف:” الغالب لهواه أشد من الذي يفتح المدينة وحده “.‘Opposing following one’s desires breeds strength into the body of the worshipper, his heart and upon his tongue. Some […]