Manhaj is more general than Aqeedah

Manhaj is more general than Aqeedah

By Shaykh Salih al Fawzan

Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

Shaykh Salih al Fawzan was asked, is there a difference between Aqeedah and Manhaj?

The Answer:

Manhaj is more general than Aqeedah. Manhaj occurs in Aqeedah and in methodology and in manners and dealings and in all aspects of the life of a Muslim, every step which a Muslim follows is called Manhaj.

As for Aqeedah then it means the foundation of Eemaan and the meaning of the two testifications, and what they necessitate is what is Aqeedah.’

[Al-Ajwiba al-Mufeedah un asilata al-Manahij al-Jadeedah p. 75]

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