The Origin is Tawheed

The Origin is Tawheed

Translated & Compiled by Abbas Abu Yahya

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim -rahimullaah- said:

(فأصل ما تزكوا به القلوب والأرواح : هو التوحيد .)

‘So the origin with which the hearts and souls are purified is Tawheed.’ [Igathat al-Lahafaan 1/108]

Love for the sake of Tawheed

Shaykh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah said:

حقيقة التوحيد أن لا يحب إلا لله ويحب ما يحبه الله لله ، فلا يحب إلا لله ، ولا يبغض إلا لله .

‘The reality of Tawheed is that one does not love except for the sake of Allaah. He loves that what Allaah loves for the sake of Allaah, so he does not love except for the sake of Allaah and he does not hate except for the sake of Allaah.’ [Majmoo al-Fatawa 10/456]

Dawa of the Prophets

Rabee bin Hadi al-Mudkhali -Hafidhullaah- said:

نوح ألف سنة إلا خمسين عاماً يدعو إلى التوحيد فقط .
يقولون للسلفيين : أنتم تحاربون أهل القبور ونحن نحارب أهل القصور ! حاربوا اﻷوثان . أفأنت دعوتك أعظم من دعوة اﻷنبياء ؟ .

Nuh spent nine hundred and fifty years only calling to Tawheed.

The [Hizbis] say to the Salafis, you people war against those who worship graves but we war against those who live in palaces!! [meaning the rulers]

We say: Make war against idolatry!
Is your Dawa greater than the Dawa of the Prophets? [Nafhaat al-Huda wal-Eemaan p. 38]

Loosing Tawheed

The scholar Rabee al – Mudkhali said:

فيجب أن نهتمَّ بالتَّوحيد ، ووالله ما ضاعت هذه اﻷمة وسلَّط عليها اﻷعداء من اليهود والنصارى والمجوس والشيوعيين وغيرهم إلاَّ بعد أن ضيَّعوا التوحيد .
فسلَّط الله عليهم هذا الذُّل ولا يرضى عنهم حتى يعودوا إلى اﻹسلام الذي كان عليه محمد ﷺ وأصحابه الكرام .

It is obligatory to have great importance of Tawheed. I swear by Allaah that this Ummah did not become lost and its enemies did not prevail over them from the Jews Christians, Majoos, socialists and others except after they lost Tawheed.

So Allaah caused this humiliation to overcome them and He is not pleased with them until they return to the Islaam which Muhammad ﷺ and his noble Companions were upon.’ [Nafhaat al-Huda wal-Eemaan p.37]