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Following the First Three Generations

Following the First Three Generations Compiled & translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Returning to the First Period of Islaam 1- From Abu Waqid al-Laythee –Radi Allaahu anhu– said: ‘Indeed the Messenger of Allaah –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- said while we were sitting on a type of mat: ‘There will be Fitnah!’   They asked: ‘What should […]

Following the Messenger is Upon Everyone

Narrations of the Salaf part 5 Following the Messenger is Upon Everyone Compiled & Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya 1 – Imam Shaafi’ee (d.199 A.H.) -Rahimullaah- said: ‘The first of manners which should be followed is that which the Messenger of Allaah  –sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- did.’ [Taken from: ‘al-Adab’ by al-Bayhaqi (300) / ‘Tawjee […]

What Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari said About Salafeeyah

What Shaykh Hamad al-Ansaari[1] said About Salafeeyah Compiled & translated[2] By Abbas Abu Yahya   1 – The Term Salaf ‘The Salaf are the Companions, and those who followed them in goodness until the Day of Judgement. In the best generations were the Qadareeyah, Mua’tazilah[3], Jahmeeyah[4] and other than them from the ahl-ul-Bida’. However the […]