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Holding the Mushaf during Prayer

Rulings Regarding Holding the Mushaf during the Taraweeh Prayer The Fatawa from the Three Imaams of our Time; Al-Albaani, Ibn Baz & Ibn Uthaymeen  Collected by Luqmaan bin Abee al-Qaasim Abu Abdullah al-Aajuree (Sahab.net)  Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya   1- Shaykh, Allaama, Muhadith of the Islaamic Lands, Muhammad Nasir Deen al-Albaani – May Allaah have […]

Excellence of Tawheed

3- The Excellence of Tawheed “As for your father, if he affirmed Tawheed and if you fasted and gave charity on his behalf, then this would benefit him.”                                                                    Silsilah Saheehah :484 The origin of this hadeeth is as follows: “al-Aas bin Wa’il took an oath in the days of ignorance – before Islaam –  […]